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Tomazos Group is a dynamic, active entity in the Northern Territory Construction and Property Development industries. Their unique holistic approach has enabled them to implement strategic transformation programs and deliver continuous improvement without compromising their core ideology that quality is enduring.

Their business eco-system has successfully adapted to external factors through a process of ingestion, assimilation and production. This resilience and adaptability is fundamental to the Group’s evolution and is reflective of the Territory itself.

By consciously establishing strategic alliances and collaborating with professionals and sub-contractors who actively manifest a shared integrity, they have demonstrably made improvements to that which is valued by individuals, families and the wider community.

Due to the diverse, yet parallel, nature of their divisions they have been involved in a broad range of projects including multi-residential developments and recreational and educational facilities. In-house complementary services allow for greater control over the end product with the result of transferrable cost saving and superior quality control.

Their steady growth demonstrates a balanced maturity and fluidity as a business and clarity of vision that imbues quality – of product, of workmanship, of outcome – into any project they undertake.

Our Team


  • Tony Tomazos

    Tony Tomazos

    Managing Director

  • John Tomazos

    John Tomazos

    General Manager


  • Jack Jamieson

    Jack Jamieson

    Financial Controller

  • Ian Davis

    Ian Davis

    Accounts & Admin

  • David Cook

    David Cook

    Financial Manager